Thursday, March 5, 2015

Winning Entry

This was my 2014 Jewelry Division winner with the Folly Art Guild. It is sterling with etched copper. A beautiful work that was purchased for a Michigan collection.

OiOiAntiques Creation

This is Micah of OiOiAntiQues. He made my new jeweler's bench and I love it! Micah works from all reclaimed and found woods, so this table came from broken fireplace mantels, headboards, doorways and more. As a sustainable jeweler, having a workbench that reflects the same energy is pretty amazing. You can find Micah and his furniture at The Brick House Kitchen on Folly Road this summer. Stay in touch for the grand opening of our artist's market there.

February 23, 2017 *Note:  A number of you have asked where Micah is showing his work now. I have learned that he occasionally shows at Awendaw Green on Wednesday nights. If I learn of any other ways to contact him, or find his work, I will post it here.