Monday, February 14, 2011

Holy City Artist and Fleas

The first Holy City Artist and Flea Market of 2011 was a success. Eye Level Art was packed with original art and crafts, along with vintage pieces, this past Saturday. Stella Maris, of Polyester Stella, does a fabulous job of bringing in great local artists and vintage brokers for this event. It is held the second Saturday of each month, February through December. 

I sold all of my little animal "saint" paintings, the vintage Campbell's Soup Doll - she has been up on Etsy forever and I'm so glad she has found a new home - and a number of copper adornments (jewellery designs.)  Charleston collage artist, Jim Goulah, purchased three of the vintage comic books I had on display: I am curious to see how he will use them in his artwork. If you are interested in seeing what I have available in comic books I am always listing them in my vintage etsy shop The Bountiful Ship.

In years past, I always looked for collectors to buy my vintage music, books and jewelry. Now, I am more excited when a child asks a parent to buy a vintage item - just because they like it - or an artist buys an item to use in a future work. That makes me happy.

If you are an artist, or collector, of things from another time, please be sure to watch my Etsy shop for new postings; The Bountiful Ship on Etsy.

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