Monday, February 14, 2011

Holy City Artist and Fleas

The first Holy City Artist and Flea Market of 2011 was a success. Eye Level Art was packed with original art and crafts, along with vintage pieces, this past Saturday. Stella Maris, of Polyester Stella, does a fabulous job of bringing in great local artists and vintage brokers for this event. It is held the second Saturday of each month, February through December. 

I sold all of my little animal "saint" paintings, the vintage Campbell's Soup Doll - she has been up on Etsy forever and I'm so glad she has found a new home - and a number of copper adornments (jewellery designs.)  Charleston collage artist, Jim Goulah, purchased three of the vintage comic books I had on display: I am curious to see how he will use them in his artwork. If you are interested in seeing what I have available in comic books I am always listing them in my vintage etsy shop The Bountiful Ship.

In years past, I always looked for collectors to buy my vintage music, books and jewelry. Now, I am more excited when a child asks a parent to buy a vintage item - just because they like it - or an artist buys an item to use in a future work. That makes me happy.

If you are an artist, or collector, of things from another time, please be sure to watch my Etsy shop for new postings; The Bountiful Ship on Etsy.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Comic Books

I started taking pics of my comic books to price and put up on my Etsy shop: The Bountiful Ship. It is taking more time than I anticipated but I am having fun.  I remembered reading this page when I was a little girl and being so excited to see that this show was going to start on my birthday. Nice memory. What were your favorite comic books when you were young? Do you still have them? 

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Creation Station

My metal working table.
I feel so good after getting this up on my little studio wall today. I don't know if you can see all the tools on the pegboard - they were all on the table and I would have to push things around just to finish a piece. Having tools up on the wall in front of me, where I can see everything, is going to make my work so much more pleasant. For years I've been looking for a pegboard (non-wood) that I could afford. Sears had this on sale last month and I finally took the step and ordered it. I can't stop staring at it. A girl in love with a tool rack. Weird, right? It just feels so, so good to be able to see most of my tools now as I work. I'm happy.

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Inner Mouse with Hibiscus

"Inner Mouse with Hibiscus" by DL Paul All Rights Reserved
Finished this week. Gessoed wood panel, acrylic and assorted mediums. Thank you for visiting!
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